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Meiji Yasuda Asset Management Company Ltd.

Meiji Yasuda Asset Management is a core asset management company of Meiji Yasuda Life Group. MYAM joined the Net Zero Asset Managers Initiative in January 2023 and made its Initial Target Disclosure in August 2023.

Initial Target Disclosure: August 2023

Percentage of assets covered by the Net Zero Asset Managers Commitment Statement

52% of total AUM (USD $12.6 billion)

Information on interim target(s) covering the proportion of assets to be managed in line with net zero



Portfolio decarbonisation reference baseline

97 tCO2e/ $m invested



Portfolio decarbonisation reference target


We set the Portfolio Decarbonisation Reference Target for 52% of our AUM.

GHG scopes included:

We currently include Scope1 and 2 emissions, and aim to include Scope 3, once data is sufficiently available.


Net Zero Investment Framework


IEA’s Sustainable Development Scenario. When the data vendor we use updates it to the NZE scenario, we will update accordingly.

Additional information

Proportion of AUM committed:

The proportion is less than 100%, because the GHG emissions measurement system of the data vendor we use does not enable to measure the GHG emissions of sovereigns. Investee companies whose GHG emissions are currently measurable are included in the proportion.

Policy on coal and other fossil fuel investments:

・In order to meet the demands of asset owners, we make investment decisions with the pursuit of medium – to long-term investment return. Therefore, we may invest in GHG-intensive companies. It is extremely important to encourage such companies to change their behaviour (reduction of GHG emissions, etc.) through constructive dialogue.

・We are already conducting annual ESG dialogues with investee companies. Our ESG dialogue uses our original “ESG dialogue sheet” to share awareness of issues and encourage investee companies to resolve these issues.

・Through this annual ESG dialogue, we will continue to encourage investee companies to reduce their GHG emissions.

Further information:

Stewardship Report